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Alaskan Fishing Blog | Want to see how to fish in Alaska? Grab your fishfinder and let's go!

Golf Balls – The New Way To Fish In Alaska?

best-golf-balls-for-fishingIf you have been fishing in any of the rivers, ponds and lakes in Alaska, you definitely know from experience that it can be a lot of fun while at the same time a very risky affair. Depending how you always carry out your fishing activities, you can sometimes find yourself unhappy with what you do. Indeed, there are many people who left fishing altogether because they are bored with the monotony of doing the same thing every day. However, you now have some reason to love what you do, and it is not sport fishing, it is using something that is related to sports to fish – golf balls.

Yes, there is something that will make you to want to go to that fishing area every time. With the best golf balls (you can find them on this site), you can add some spice to your time in the waters. Think of the many things that you use as to cast your nets far and wide. You need some weights right? And you definitely are getting tired of carrying those funny weights all the time. So, why not try fishing with golf balls? There are many ways you can use. For instance, if it is in a smaller river with shallow waters, you can simply use the golf balls to hold the net across to other side and even to sink it deep enough?

You definitely are wondering what will happen when you lose your best golf balls in the water. Everyone likes these little items very much. But is that not another fun opportunity? Imagine the kind of fun that you and your friends will have when looking for the golf balls. Maybe you will have to dive, maybe, search using other tools. However, regardless of how you look for them, the only thing that is without a doubt is that it makes the fishing in Alaska even more enjoyable.

Prepare a First Aid Kit for Your Travel Trailer

Camping in Alaska can be a lot of fun, but you should always be prepared for someone to get injured or sick. Creating a first aid kit to keep in your RV or to bring with you in the tent is a very important part of camping. These are some tips to help you put together the ideal kit so you will be prepared for any situation, and give you the tools to stay safe while out in the woods. If you can find a place where there are used travel trailers for sale (www.traveltrailerguide.com) you can usually find prepared first aid kits.

A good kit will have first aid essentials including; roll bandages, adhesive tape, sterile gauze pads, scissors, splinting supplies, different sized Band-Aids, Ace bandages, latex gloves, antibiotic cream, Tylenol or some pain medicine, and Hydrogen Peroxide. You also need to be prepared for specific threats with a bee sting kit, snake bite kit, and poison ivy creams and ointments. In addition you should have a thermometer, tweezers, twine, a small flashlight, and safety pins. These are all items that can come in handy and fit easily in your travel trailer.

Bring any medication you use on a daily basis and backup medicine just in case. You should also bring any allergy medicine and medicine for sinuses as sometimes being outdoors can trigger your allergies. Keep personal contact and emergency information in the kit as well as numbers for emergency help in the area you are visiting. If you do all of these things, you will be prepared for some of the common and uncommon injuries and illnesses that can occur while camping.

Quit Fishing? And Steves Amazing Fish Finder

steves fish finderIn August, my brother, myself and our father drive to Alaska (often Seward) to get a charter and go fishing on the ocean. It’s about a 9 hour drive from where we live, and of course it’s very scenic. We have done this about 5 years in a row now, and we have used the same charter company 3 times in a row. The guy (Steve) really knows his stuff! He has amazing equipment, all great brands. His Humminbird GPS fish finder unit is impressive (he says its the best fish finder). Actually he wrote a review for it for Fish Finder Fanatic.

In any case, this last trip, well, it may be our last! Why? I am sick of it. Not sick of fishing, not sick of catching Halibut and Salmon like crazy…but sick of sea sickness! That’s right, everytime I go on the ocean it turns into a puke fest. Sometimes its quite calm, and then great. Other times its rough and I end up puking, sleeping, freezing etc. I use a patch everytime, and that helps, but I just can’t justify spending $1000 a trip (including meals and hotel etc) to puke.

Anyway, that is enough bitching and moaning. I have a lot of pictures from fishing that I want to put up here, as well as some great stories that I want to write down in this blog. I hope you come back often!

our catch

Why I Love Fishing In Alaska

For those who love fishing, no other hobby comes close to the satisfied feeling one has after a successful fishing trip. This goes for me too. I simply love fishing. This has become even better since I got myself one of the new fish finders. What was earlier a way to pass a lazy afternoon quickly became an addiction. I soon started to look forward to every day off just so I could go fishing. My holidays and weekends were planned well in advance. They usually involved waking up early in the morning and getting bait out of the cooler. Then driving out to the lake for a day of relaxing and fishing with all my gear and tackle box packed in the back of my car. The one device that is an essential part of my fishing gear is my fish finder. Fish finders are a boon for today’s angler.

Advantages of using a Travel Company

Nothing I did earlier came close to the experience of fishing in Alaska. Alaska has several companies that offer travel packages specifically aimed at the angler. There are a lot of rules and regulations that you need to know about. These travel companies offer a lot of information on these. They also help you get permits for your fishing needs. Some fish like halibut have certain restrictions. But once you hire one of these travel companies, they will help you through the entire process. For someone who loves fishing like I do, this is a convenience worth paying for. Especially now that I’ve got one of the fancy fish finders that I wanted to try out on my trip to Alaska.

Advantages of Choosing Alaska for Fishing Adventures

The other advantage with fishing in Alaska is that it offers you fishing in all kinds of water bodies. From lakes to rivers to the ocean, you can try your hand at fishing everywhere. This is more variety I’ve experienced in one fishing trip, than I’ve experienced anywhere else in the country. The added bonus is the Alaskan landscape. From rivers running through flat plains to snowcapped mountain peaks, the view in most of the fishing spots was terrific. This only added to the experience of fishing in Alaska. You should try to pack as much variety as you can in one trip. Try to spend a couple of days on chartered boats at sea. Then head inland for some river and lake fishing. I realized that the chartered boats are already fitted with fish finders.

The big plus is the variety and size of fish. Alaska has all five species of the Pacific Salmon. The biggest King Salmon caught by anglers in the US have all been in Alaska. Additionally you also have Rainbow Trout and Halibut. In addition to providing help with licenses, the travel companies arrange accommodation in various lodges all over Alaska. They also have experienced guides. These guides know the areas very well and often take you secret fishing spots only they know. You are also provided chartered boats by the travel companies. If you want a quiet time on the river, go for a boat without motors. In addition to fishing you can also add a couple of other items to your list such as whale watching and seeing other Alaskan wildlife.